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Hi there

We sometimes get some complains about shortener we’re using. Usually it’s emails saying we’re horrible people for using bad ads, trying to harm users and their devices.
You should know that we care the most about this. When we decide to use a shortener I personally go through a shortened link to see how the system works. But shorteners change their behaviour often, so we don’t always know what’s going on there. We can’t check all of them everyday. So, I decided to write this little article about 3 tips you should know and use.

1- Always use a good security software.
First and foremost is the security software. Internet is a dangerous place without antiviruses and firewalls. If you encounter harmful ads often, then your security software is not good enough. Using this website or not, always use a powerful security software.

2- Shorteners are dynamic.
If you didn’t already notice, we use multiple shorteners. It changes every time you click on a link. If a particular one bothers you, close it and click on the same download link again. It’ll change to another shortener. Simple as that.

3- Report bad shorteners.
Well, don’t bomb us naming all the shorteners we use, but If we get multiple bad reports about a shortener we will stop using it. We did it multiple times before. At the end of the day, all shorteners use popups that may bother you. But some could be really harmful. Instead of blaming us for something we don’t know a thing about, do this.

4- Don’t download anything other than the files you needed.
If you offered an APK or EXE or any other file rather than the RAR file from us, DO NOT DOWNLOAD. Or if you already did it, delete it.
Also never subscribe to notifications or anything. it’s not necessary.

I should say, I wish there was another way, but there is not. By going through these shorteners you help this website to be alive. Some clicks to get your favourite TV-show or movie is not much to ask I think. The income we get from this shorteners are very low but we need it to do what we’re doing. There are huge expenses everyday that have to be paid. Shorteners don’t pay for visits from same user, they don’t pay if you use adblockers, they don’t pay if you use VPN. this makes it even harder.
I don’t want to bore you with details but let check a simple example. We need $150 monthly to pay for the hosting server. Only for the hardware. If we get $3 from every 1000 visitors. We need 50K downloads to get the $150 to pay for the hosting. That’s not it. About half of this visits are users with adblockers/VPN/Proxy/… and we don’t get paid for. so we need another 50000 downloads only to pay for one month’s fee for the hosting. So 100,000 people have to download something just for us to break even with the monthly hosting fee. And I’m telling you, there are lots of other things we have to pay for.
Many many shorteners don’t pay when they suppose to. they just disappear. We have to pay from our pockets then.
This is why we also really count on donations but that is not significant either.

If you are able and have the will to, make a donation and get rid of all this. Otherwise, you’re donating by ads you see. Hope you understand.


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Most shorteners now tell me to disable my adblocker, even though I already have. I used to be able to click any link and go through it, but now I have to click one at least 5 times to get something I can go all the way through.


That's fairly normal today. Sites like this need those clicks to stay afloat in order to keep us supplied with entertainment. It's a small price to pay, I'd say. If anyone finds it truly unbearable, they have the option of becoming a VIP/Donor. I have VIP status, but I just now went through the ads for a file to give them a few more clicks.


ahh damn, i use VPN and addblocks, i’ll try to remember to disable it everytime i download something from your website


I kinda knew this “one-time-pay-per-user” thingy, which is why I have three different devices which I use without VPN to generate links for different part-files, and then I just copy and Whatsapp them to my PC’s WhatsappWeb where I do most of the downloading.
If a link becomes stuck cause of my ISP, I keep going till I hit the roadblock, and then copy/paste the next link in my Opera’s VPN to generate the final page (I’ve shown a similar way to do so in that unofficial FAQs as well)


hey! I wanted to report link shortner . The shortner downloaded a dmg file named Your File Is Ready on my mac. Needless to say i immediately deleted it. Never had this sort of issue before, so i thought i should report it


Norton is blocking most of your pages, including download, again. took me 1/2 hr to download 2 shows, The 100 & Agents of Shield, and i had to disable Norton to do it. just wanted to let you know.


Why not putting the torrent links on site and URL shorteners for direct download links? It makes no sense to jump through all the hoops just for the torrent


Yeah, why not get all our hard work for free no?


You know what else that doesn’t make any sense? Complaining for free things. All you have to do is click, wait and download. Sounds easy right?
Can you read and understand the things written above before complaining?


Emon you can always pay & get rid of those no sense hoops


@ Emon – I’m confused. Are you implying that the files downloaded via torrent are somehow inferior to those downloaded via direct link? The alternative is the equivalent of expecting your fast food to be free if you have it delivered rather than collect it yourself.


Such a kidder. Just gotta love a guy with a sense of humor. 🙃

“The reason many people are lost in thought is because it’s unfamiliar territory.” – Alfred E. Neuman


your service is great and every movie when get a web rip or a release i get it within a day or two.
thats great
but some of the link shortner are annoying like
it has more pop up ads and reCaptcha box comes after all the ads loaded.
and after 1 verify that i m not a robot the timer wont start the countdown and go back and reload the page as well as start over several times like this and this is waste of time is annoying.
other link shortner like, , are good


They change . click the link again to get a different shortener .


Norton is blocking your download link page. i believe it is deloplen. i’ve tried on several different torrents and all of them are blocked at that last point. this just started today, 3/19/20. i’d turn off Norton, but then i’d get caught by all those malicious pages. please don’t ask me to change my antivirus because i’ve been happy with norton for years, and it hasn’t interfered until now. if i try to continue past the red blocked page it will not open deloplen.


Atleast while surfing Psarips u can disable Norton anti-virus.
And maybe try clearing cookies and caches with of course add ons disabled.
Or simply, U can just try with add ons disabled and see if that works. But keep in mind that this will affect Psarips so be responsible and turn off the add ons afterwards.


i’ve cleared my cache and i don’t think i’m using any add-ons.


no, i’ve been using PSP for years. sometimes it’s the pop-ups which i just disregard. this is the actual links pages. it was actually blocking the entire PSP site for a while, but i could get past it. when i try to get past the link page red screen, it says the page is not available.


Had a similar issue with nod32 and bitdefender, both were resolved by going through a vpn


i’ve always used a VPN. this just started day before yesterday.


thank you very much for fixing whatever needed to be fixed. i’m not seeing that norton red page anymore. the link pages are available again. Thanx!!


Hello, maybe for the webmaster or web html css designer? = on my desktop potato computer, win7 x64 and latest versions of firefox and chromium (from woolyss . com), since the authorities ordered to not go outside, I can’t borrow another mouse for now; I just want to tell you = it’s very difficult to reach the downloads links using ONLY the keyboard, with “Tab” key and Arrows(up down left and right) keys and Enter.
On movies pages, I can’t or don’t know how to open Info and Download frames :’-(


Sorry about your troubles , but that’s not really our problem .
maybe try with mobile .
You can shop for a mouse online .

Doc MaKS

If your keyboard has Numpad, then turn on ‘Mouse Keys’ in Windows>Control panel>ease of access center and learn how to use it. If not, then try NeatMouse (can configure keys).

And for those guys with a mouse and no/bad keyboard, turn on ‘On-Screen keyboard’ in the same ease of access center in windows.


@DocMaKS : Thanks for the info, I forgot to look into Ease of access/Accessibility options 🙂

Doc MaKS

There are also loads of apps for mobile phones for using them as a mouse, keyboard, etc.. for free. Google it.


guys why dont you bring back the ads on the site and just put a torrent link instead of these hideous direct links just like the yts website . it makes no sense of the direct links as most of the links need a vpn(which basically steals your data). pls consider my suggestion, because right now i am using a vpn to get to uptobox and if you guys dont get paid then whats the use.


No plans for changing anything ATM .


To most of us here, the direct links make way more sense than torrents. Why would I want to spend over twice the MBs (1:1 seeding) of my limited data plus a higher overhead for the same file? That would be stupid. Now for those with unlimited data and a true P2P spirit, it makes some sense. But most PSA torrent users hit and run, which is why people are always begging for seeders, sometimes only a couple of weeks after posting. As for VPN, I addressed that at your Avengers comment.


SMH.. That’s all I have for that, I rather not come off as an asshole. Some of these people know nothing.


Just letting you know the GPLinks shortener has become seriously dodgy. A week ago it started with multiple T&A popups. Apart from the irritation factor they appeared to be harmless and disappeared once I managed to click through to the links. Now, since yesterday there is a popup that won’t allow you to continue unless you install the “Awesome Music Search” Chrome extension. I checked Chrome web store and there is no such extension. Further investigation reveals it is a browser hijacker.


Just copy the URL and use it with a non Chromium browser like Firefox or Edge


Thanks for the advice. I’m aware I can do that, but it’s easier to just close and click again for a different shortener. I was merely posting to make others aware, as browser hijackers, apart from being irritating, can also compromise your browser security by installing keyloggers. FWIW, the most recent release of Edge is now a Chromium-based browser.


Can we donate by mining?Can u make that option available 😐


Nope sorry .


Do you fulfill requests for VIP/donors?


No . read the VIP page for details.
The amount is not nearly enough for being your private encoder lol .


I’m not sure if this would help much. But in addition to what you guys have in place to get to our favorite shows, maybe you could have a section where we can just click on random shortener links. I’m sure most of the users who can’t donate, but want to help will take a couple of minutes of their time and can click on the links posted.

Doc MaKS

Off topic question to PSA: How to follow a particular post’s comments by email (coz i see a followers button) ??? so that i can reply easily without having to keep the pages open.

Red Hand Devil

Good question, MaKS – and someone correct me if i’m wrong, but PSA/WordPress doesn’t have that facility, man?! You also have to be on PSA to get notification pop-up’s, so no email heads-up’s.

Just copy & paste a thread address onto your Notepad if you’re using Windows, or the equivalent on a Mac. That’s what I do alot of the time, or just click on the icon to the left of the “You are logged in as Doc MaKS | Log out” directly below “Leave a Reply” to see all your posted comments ✌️👊


Doc or Valhalla (or anyone else), could you clarify something for me? When you say “shorteners don’t pay for visits from same user”, does that mean that if I DL a second file through the same shortener, it recognizes my IP address and you don’t get credit for it? Please explain.

Also, I did not know about the VPN/proxy thing. In fact I occasionally use a VPN or proxy to switch to a country that pays higher ad dividends, assuming you would get paid more. So I’m very glad you mentioned this.


Yes you are correct . on both parts .


Thanks. Good to know. If there is one advantage to being limited to a 4G mobile internet connection, it’s that I can drop the connection and reconnect in about 10 seconds, and I’ll have a new IP address. I will start doing this in the future if I have multiple files to download.

And not that it will really affect me myself, but how long do these shortens remember an IP address? In other words, how much time must pass between downloads for PSA to get paid again? Some may want to consider this.


U bet prody, I was going through ur thread and now really I wanna help this site in every possible way as I’m not a vip/donor on this site.
The other thing about the ip address mess is that it can solved by using tor with add ons disabled(if any). Also does using tor same as using vpn cause it might be a hurdle in ur income earnings??
Thanks guys for everything and keep on doing it cause u guys r top notch bad ass in this field.


That’s cool, Preston. We all need to help out as best we can according to our abilities, even if that simply means inconveniencing ourselves a bit while navigating the shorteners and ads by not using blockers and such.

Regarding Tor, I can only imagine it’s the same as with VPN. The advertisers want to know where you are (amongst other things) in order to know what ads might get the best response. With VPN and Tor they may not know what you are doing, but they can tell if you’re using them.


Then it’s settled. No need to use tor/vpn while surfing this site.
thanks mate for the clarification


No issues in skipping ads coz its all free here. I cannot afford giving you financial contributions but by this way I can give u some… I have no complaints.
Love from India


If there was a URL shortener out there that acted as a paywall where you had to pay 5 or 10 cent for the download link, would people prefer to pay this for ad-free links or to continue using the “free” shorteners with all the adverts and popups? (I’m sorta working on something like this so really interested in any feedback).

Girish Gowda

You can think about limiting the number of downloads to specific IPs or lower speeds (100-200KBps) to regular people and no limits to paying people.
I can’t afford to pay you since its too much when converted, but its an idea for you going forward.

Also, I got a full page X rated two anime having sex for the first (and last) time last year when my mum was right next to me (Stressful days). Now there are R rated ads. So, I have stopped downloading anything in front of others on my PC.


LOL! I rarely use that because, well, I’m not laughing out loud. Most often things make me smile or laugh a bit inside. But you got me here, bro. 😆 Talk about awkward!

It’s nice that you’re trying to think of a way to help out PSA, but it sounds like it might be more fuss for them. More importantly though, that’s not the way that Doc and Valhalla have approached what they are doing. Even if users would just simply shut down ad-blockers when going through the ads, it would help.


Agreed. The measures put into place, while frustrating at times, are there to create income to offset some of the cost of running the site, not cause irritation. Even so, it is generally not possible to control the bandwidth at which files can be downloaded from a file hosting site that is hosting your files free of charge. I can only imagine how difficult it must be to monetise this type of site without bombarding users with unsavoury ads and wish more users would appreciate that.

Red Hand Devil

Faw Kinnell. That’s very hardcore. Many Members will feel even more shit that they’re not donating for various reasons i.e. skintness/Cryptocurrency issues/worries – so punish them for it?!

It’s a struggle to progress a sense of Community/PSA Family. Your suggestion would create division, low morale, mutiny & Members jumping ship.

Doc, has already eloquently reached-out to Members & given indepth solutions. It’s now upto Members to fully do the download process, or donate. Simple!


Your suggestion about limiting to 100-200KBs is just idiotic. Lemme guess – You’ve got a shitty connection and that’s the max down speed you get ? 😛

As for your second statement, most ads are targeted based on a user’s search history. So, maybe use a VPN the next time you wanna “Explore”.

Girish Gowda

If you have no constructive comment or new ideas to share, then next time you should hold yourself back from typing it down. I can download a 1 GB file in 10mins. But I also started out in the pirate community with downloading the same 1GB of file for 5hrs few years back.
Maybe you should “Explore” more and be open minded and courteous instead.


Ok, ill bite.

Tell me, how does restricting the speed to 100-200KBps improve this situation? Offering services based on free vs paid users for any content that they do not OWN is a recipe for disaster.

As for your “Exploration” – I really don’t care what you are into. Just don’t assume that people are idiots and try to pin the issues on some ad service.

Girish Gowda

Limiting the bandwidth to a tenth of current speeds for free downloads helps in mitigating costs and helps to convert more users into donors. It will improve their situation by lessening the burden of server costs and increasing subscription income.

PS: Ironic. Read your own comments once before ordering others then.

PPS: I never said I have an issue with the ad services. I wrote what I experienced. There is a difference. Grow up and widen your horizons, 69.


I don’t want to get involved in your argument, but simply want to point out once again that apart from files hosted on their own servers PSA has no control over download speeds. All files hosted on PSA servers are also initially hosted on other servers, so why would anyone download from PSA at restricted speed when they can choose any other host? It is clear you were trying to be helpful, but you don’t understand the logistics so your argument makes no sense. Best to acquiesce gracefully 🤷‍♂️.

Girish Gowda

You’re not thinking fully. It was an idea. PSA can change servers or hosts to whatever they choose. If they want to go this route, they have tons of options in the “future” going ahead. And atleast you got that PSA can limit speeds on its own PSA servers. They can do that with more of their own servers or paid servers in the future. That was my point.
PS: I can’t afford to pay PSA monthly. And PSA is my main source for media files. I was trying to be helpful for the admins.


I told myself to “Shut up, don’t respond. Just get your shows and or movies and go!” but here I am typing. What you’re suggesting won’t work for all the reasons everyone has already given. Your suggestions won’t grow the site, it’ll make people leave. Do some more research because it’s clear you’re missing a lot of info. Also remember that if you’re thinking about it, know that they have already thought about it, I imagine no idea is new to them. Just leave it to the pros!


I would really like to believe that limiting the bandwitdh might actually help the site but u cant really ignore what “TimeToGoPrime” is trying to argue.
The best way to navigate here is to do nothing and let Valhalla and doc clear this mess out. I’m sure that they will come up with best way possible available for us feckers, eh!!
Don’t u guys think the same?
And always enjoy the weekend mates and hopefully be safe from covid-19…


Thanks psarips. Getting free things here I have nothing to say than to patiently bypass those ads and still get what I want.. Just like you said when I get angered by some Shortner I just close and click again.. Thanks once again and keep the good work going

Girish Gowda

Completely agree. I don’t get people who are annoyed with just a few ads when they get it for free at some of the highest quality rips. People should be more mindful about helping the pirate community grow well.


Some people are born without a bone of patience in their body even when they are getting free stuff like PSA content!
Skipping popup Ads seem like a punishment and instead of using time to skip ads, they use them to complain about them. The Irony!


For all the good content u give us, just a few ads is nothing..
Personally nowadays i find going through these sites using my phone much easier, whenever a site pops up i press back button and it goes away, i dont even have to see them load..


Doc and Valhalla, please don’t let this message disappear after a day or two as most of these type of messages usually do. It really needs to be archived somewhere where it can be referenced in the future (along with you other special messages). Some of us try to drive these messages home in the comments (with our 500 characters, which I think you surpassed 😄), but one message like this has more weight than if we say it 50 times. It will be to everyone’s benefit if they are archived or linked.


Always appreciate your effort Doc.


I get some shorteners with pornographic stuffs… So, I couldn’t recommend this site to my young cousin. I always go through shortener and download the torrent file or mega link or zippyshare and forward that link to my cousin so that he can just click an download. I prefer torrent file…

I didn’t know how to report bad shortener, now I know and I will keep screeshots and send along the report the next time I see it.

haven’t gotten that type ads for like a week maybe


Then maybe they removed it . email them in the contact us form along with the screenshot .


I will from now on. Thanks for all you guys do. I don’t mind going through those ads, you can’t control what ads come up in random you know


It IS hard to control. Almost certainly they will pop up in a browser that visits porn sites, but other things can trigger it too. Visiting warez or even some torrent sites will often get it started (from my personal experience). I’ve read that even visiting a military recruiting site can do it. Often it can be stopped by cleaning cache, cookies and history. People visiting such sites may want to think about using private browser windows and tabs.